There is not an Authorized Dealer nearby; can I place an order directly through the company?
Yes, you may order directly from Blue Line Productions, Inc. All of our products require verification of your Law Enforcement ID, as we only sell to officers. Here is the definition of a Law Enforcement officer according to :
“Certified Law Enforcement Officer” shall mean an individual who is under oath to enforce the law; who is legally authorized to carry a badge and gun; and who, uponrequest, can present his or her badge and identification card. Examples of a Certified Law Enforcement Officer are police officers, sheriffs, and deputy sheriffs; state highway patrols; agents of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Drug Enforcement Agency; U.S. marshals federal and state game wardens; and
probation and parole officers. For purposes of this Agreement, the term Certified Law Enforcement Officer does not include federal, state, or local correctional officers.”
Download the Order Form here.
How do I place an order with Blue Line Productions?
Currently, you may place your order in the most convenient way for you.
Via mail :
Blue Line Productions
P.O. Box 1536
Stone Mountain, Ga. 30086

Via e-mail: Checkout@bluelineID.com
Download the Order Form
Via fax: (770) 995-8122

Via phone: 1.800.551.2892
(If you decide to call please note that we are on Eastern Time, and are not always able to answer the phone. Please leave a detailed message and a good time to call and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Also, you may want to add our number to your list of contacts. We have noticed officers and police departments do not like answering 1 800 numbers! )
*Please remember to submit a copy of your Law Enforcement ID with your order!*

Online Store at www.bluelineid.com

How much is Shipping and Handling?
While S&H depends on your order, typically it is $7. We use USPS Mail.

Is there a minimum purchase required?
No, there is not a minimum purchase requirement to order. However, to pay via MasterCard or Visa we do prefer a purchase of at least $10.00.

What are the methods of payment that you accept?
We accept check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

I have purchased from you before; do I need to resubmit my Law Enforcement ID?
Currently at this time, for security purposes, we do not keep your law enforcement ID’s on file. So, yes it is necessary to submit a copy of your Law Enforcement ID with each purchase. We are sorry for any inconvenience this policy may cause.

What about companies selling Blue Line, not listed on your dealer page?
We are always accepting new dealers, and the dealer page may not have been updated. However, there are several companies out there selling Blue Line Products Illegally! Ironic that police products would be sold and distributed illegally. We are the original creators of the Blue Line symbol that is accepted and identifies LEO’s worldwide. We hold its trademark!

I have a suggestion for a product. Where should I offer this?
We are interested in what you would like to buy, although keep in mind, it might not be possible at that time to expand inventory. Should we decide to invest in a new product we will do our best to contact you with its availability of purchase. You may email suggestions to info@bluelineID.com. We thank you in advance for your input.

I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer, may I still order?
YES! You may still order the same as all other LEO’s. Please remember to submit a copy of your Retired Law Enforcement ID along with your order!

I am interested in becoming an authorized dealer. Are you accepting new Dealers? And what is the process?
YES! We are currently accepting new dealers. The process is fairly simple. Contact us, and we will send out a dealer package to you. It has all the Info on the company and the means to becoming a LEGAL AUTHORIZED BLUE LINE dealer. Upon returning your original copy of the signed contract you will be good to go. *NOTE* We like to stress that Blue Line Products are ONLY allowed to be sold to verified Law Enforcement Officers!*

I am an MP in the military, may I order?
Yes, Military Police qualify as law enforcement officers. If you are still unsure please see our preferred definition of an LEO above.

How long does it take to process an order?
While we ask to allow 6 weeks for delivery, generally orders are processed and shipped within a matter of days. Feel free to contact us if your order has exceeded this time. We will make sure A.) that we received the order & B.) we will verify where your order is in the processing procedure.

My order was returned. Why might this be?
Unopened mail: We cannot be certain why an order via USMAIL does not make it to us. Error, Legibility, etc. Please submit your order again and we will process it as quickly as possible. Orders that have been opened and returned are often a matter of Eligibility to purchase Blue Line Products. Please read our preferred definition of a Law Enforcement Officer above.

May I use Blue Line as a Fundraiser?
This depends, Please contact us for further discussion. We still require verification of an LEO for purchase. However, many FOP Lodges do sell our products as a means for raising funds for their organization.