Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters

Welcome Brothers and Sisters

Blue Line Identifier Eagle Patch
We are the creators of the blue line identifier. Nineteen years ago we had this idea of bringing law enforcement officers together to build camaraderie. Well, who would have thought this idea would have changed the face of law enforcement. Countless stories from officers around the nation have been told about how the blue line identifier brought officers together socially and in time of need. Even though we hold all trademarks, many are copying us and many of them are fellow law enforcement officers. So much for brother sisterhood. Thank you for supporting our Idea. We continue to sell only to certified law Enforcement Officers. Through this website you will have a chance to purchase additional Blue Line items that until now have only been available in Washington D.C. During POLICE WEEK week.

P. S. Hello to all of you who we have met over the last 19 years at the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

Twenty Year Anniversary Design


The Blue Line Identifier concept was introduced at the 1993 Police Week in Washington DC. In reflection, we realized the enormous loss our profession has suffered in twenty years. 3,100 brother and sister officers have died. To put it in perspective, only a few police departments in the country have as many officers and some states don’t have that many in the whole state.
In honor of those fallen, and to focus attention to this tragic aspect of our profession, we have added a tear drop to our symbol of camaraderie and brotherhood.
Tear Drop Pin


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